Tom's introduction


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Hi there! Here's my introduction.

My name is Tom. I am from the Netherlands.

I like to develop plugins and other technic things for Minecraft. I am also learning Java for myself to create my own games :)
I started developing 2/3 years ago with a simple language called Skript, I still do Skript now a days.

I am also running a YouTube channel, this is where a lot of my time goes to. Of course do I have time to develop plugins and other cool stuff for Reforged Time. If you want to check me out, my name is "Tom Pampiermole". (here are also posted update-reveals from Zingdom)
I upload once a week a Zingdom video, once a week a plugin tutorial video and twice a week a Skript video (saturday is a day that I do shorter series)

How I met Lars
I met Lars whilst streaming. I wanted to create my own server and searched for a sponsor a long time, Lars came to me and said that if I needed a sponsor, I could go to him :)
This is how I met Lars. After we met, he asked me to help him with some things because he needed help. Here's how I got a developer on Reforged Time.
After all of this, I wanted my server to be on bungeecord, and we'd also liked to have another minigame. Lars asked me here if I wanted to merge my server with Reforged Time.
This is the story how Lars and I met and began to work together :)

Real Life
I am currently in High School. I am very busy with school and I think it is important to let school go first, so I put less time in plugins etc.
I have a couple of dream-jobs. I'd like to be a YouTuber or developer, but there's something else I'd like to have as job.
I want to be a teacher! I have said this since I was young and I still want it :)

Follow your dreams

Zeldaboy111 / Tom