Space Wars 4.0 || Changelog


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Space Wars 4.0
After some hard work, we present you Space Wars 4.0!

Future Changes
We are planning ahead! There will be some future changes to the game, we will not tell you too much about it.

• [FEATURE] Staff Tweaks
• [FEATURE] Recode
• [FEATURE] Rank-spefic shopkeepers introduced
• [UPDATE] Palette Changes
• [UPDATE] Shopkeepers' GUI has had a remake

Price Changes
As you might now, we are trying to get the game as balanced as we can. We are trying to achieve this with minor changes, such as price changing. Below is a list of all the changes currently made to the prices;
• Diamond Sword || 3 emeralds 4 emeralds
• Diamond Axe || 25 gold ingot → 3 emeralds
• Punch Bow || 2 emeralds → 3 emerald
• Diamond Armor || 12 emeralds → 10 emeralds

Downgrade System
First, we already had a downgrade system that didn't really work out as we intended it to be, now we have a working downgrade system. This system works as follows: all your weapons and tools can be downgraded, the only thing that can't get downgraded is armor. This may change in the future as we think that it can make the game quite boring and unbalanced if a player can keep his diamond armor for the whole match or a player can't kill the opponent as the opponent has diamond armor and the player get's downgraded every time he dies, this means that it becomes over time harder and harder to kill the other player as they keep their armor and you downgrade. We are trying to find the best way of making this.

Kit Changes
Another thing that we did to achieve our goal of making the gamemode more balanced, is changing up the kits. We thought these changes were needed because some kits had too good stuff (i.e. merchant, this kit was rusher + 3 gold ingot) and others too bad. In changing these up we have taken not only a look at the prices for the stuff you get, but also to the usefullness. The changes are listed below;
• Merchant || 12 iron ingot & 3 gold ingot → 8 iron ingot & 3 gold ingot
• Musketeer || 1 TnT → 2 TnT
• Fisher || 1 fishing rod → 1 fishing rod & 2 iron ingot
• Hunter || 1 bow & 4 arrows → 1 bow & 5 arrows

You can unlock these kits via the Cases in the lobby.

Bugs & Side Note
We are currently experimenting with out custom made anticheat, that this message is here means that the Space Wars gamemode is also one of the lucky gamemodes to test the anticheat! If you do find any hackers, please report them to staff, if the player isn't online a recording can help us out a lot.

If you found any bugs, please report them to staff so they can be fixed. Abusing/Using bugs is disallowed and will result in a 7-day ban.

- Staff