New Gamemode - Zingdom

Hi there!

There has a new gamemode been released, Zingdom. In this post I will post the changelog and we will explain the gamemode a little bit.

Zingdom Concept
The concept of Zingdom is very simple. Zingdom is a medieval gamemode. We think that we do not have to explain the gamemode's rules a lot further because they are standard (no griefing, no hacking, etc.)
We are also using a custom texturepack, make sure to install it for you or install it from this link:

Redstone Rules
As told above, Zingdom is a medieval gamemode, this means that there is no redstone allowed. Of course may you put a button/pressure plate to open your iron or wooden door, but we do not want other redstone.
If you have any further questions about it, please leave them to us.

This are all the changes made to Zingdom 3.0:

- [BUGFIX] /zingdom kick gave an error -> patched
- [BUGFIX] Enchantments not in lore -> patched
- [BUGFIX] Mending enchantment -> WIP (Work In Progress)
- [BUGFIX] Friendly fire no longer removes durability
- [FEATURE] Steelworker villager
- [UPDATE] Bow lore
- [UPDATE] Crossbow lore
- [FEATURE] Steel tripwire
- [FEATURE] Steel ingot
- [FEATURE] Steel nugget
- [FEATURE] Steel crossbow
- [FEATURE] Steelworker profession
- [FEATURE] Steel armor
- [FEATURE] Steel tools
- [FEATURE] Removed Zingdom Coins (temporarilty)


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