Interview ikingmarvin's Helper Application


Owner / Host
Staff member
User name: ikingmarvin

Name marvin

Username kingmarvin

Email Address [email protected]

Age Jun 29, 2005

Discord Tag kingmarvin#2728

Timezone gmt

Do you have a Microphone? No

What languages can you speak? i can speak spanish latin english dutch bit of frence and german

What has made you interested in becoming a staff member? i like the owner and it will probs be good server

What previous experience do you have as a staff member? i have been a mutliple discord mod

How much time would you be able to contribute to the Helper position? i would be online 30 hourse atleast per week

Describe the duties of a Helper as thoroughly as possible a helper should answer question of people help to find what they are looking for

Explain why you deserve to hold a Helper position i am a good person and i can be very helpfull and when i help people it makes me happy

Anything else that you would like to add? no