Arade 2.0 Release


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Arcade 2.0
Hi there!
After a complete recode of the Arcade are we happy to tell you about the (re)release of the Arcade.

It has costed us time to fix all the issues and buggs in the Arcade so we are presenting you this update where are a lot of bugfixes and more.

- [BUGFIX] All minigames should work correctly now
- [FEATURE] Code optimization
- [FEATURE] Standing still in Run will push you
- [FEATURE] Bossbar is now red
- [FEATURE] Scoreboard has now an indicator for starting criteria
- [FEATURE] Countdown will start once there are enough players
- [NOTE] There are more bugfixes, we didn't log all the fixes because almost there were so much bugs

Reporting Bugs
For the ones that do not know how to report bugs, there is a forum page called Server Bug Reports. If you do find a bug, please post it in this channel. Do not report bugs that are not in the game, there will be taken a look at it.