Official Open Bèta and Space Wars update
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Ahoy Pirates,

Lately we have been very busy with recoding the server and updating a lot of other things, you can read more about it here. Below will be things related to the updates on the Reforged Time server.

Open Bèta
We are announcing a second open bèta in this post! The open bèta will last from wednesday (21/10/2020, 14.00 CEST) till saturday (24/10/2020 20.00 CEST). You are able to play the Space Wars gamemode as well as hanging out in the lobby.
Whilst the open bèta is running, we are asking you to report bugs that you found, not doing so can be bannable. This can either be done by reporting these in the Reforged Time Discord or on the forums under the bugs section. 

Changelog - Space Wars
Below are the changes made listed:
• [FEATURE] Space Wars has completely been recoded
• [FEATURE] Rocket Thrusters now give damage resistance
• [FEATURE] Game Manager-GUI now shows the current map
[FEATURE] Sounds whilst buying items have been added

• [FEATURE] Chat is now disabled whilst the rewards are given
[FEATURE] Final Fist Kill goes from 2 to 10 coins

• [FEATURE] Kills now gives 1 experience
• [FEATURE] Destroying cores now gives 2 experience
• [FEATURE] Timer goes to 15 seconds when the game is full

• [BUGFIX] Names are now coloured
• [BUGFIX] Vortexes should display double
• [BUGFIX] Rocket Thrusters now have fixed heights
[BUGFIX] Fireballs should shoot straighter

Note: We tried to put in as many bugfixes as we could, not all bugs were known


Have Fun Playing!

~Zeldaboy111 | Reforged Time Manager

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