Official Lobby Update
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Ahoy Pirates,

This post will tell you all about the Lobby Update which has just arrived! 


Below are the changes made listed:
• [FEATURE] Collectables have been added
• [FEATURE] Cosmetics have been added
• [FEATURE] The colors from levels have been changed
• [FEATURE] The command /msg has been added
• [FEATURE] The Treasure Identifier has been added
• [FEATURE] You can now view your profile
• [FEATURE] You can now view your statistics
• [BUGFIX] In the Game Selector, "VIP(+)" has been changed to "Knight(+)"
• [OPTIMIZATION] The Lobby-plugin has been recoded entirely

Treasure Identifier
We have implemented the Treasure Identifier, but what does it do?

The Treasure Identifier is the enchanting table in the lobby where you can get yourself Cosmetics and Collectables. You can either open one or five Treasures at the same time. 
Besides having the ability to Identify Treasures, you can also buy Treasures inside of the Treasure Identifier. The Treasures currently cost five hundred coins. 

Note: the price of Treasures might change in the future.

Cosmetics & Collectables
Cosmetics and Collectables are ways to allow you to customize your experience. We have chosen to add two categories instead of making these one category as the Cosmetics are used in the lobby and the Collectables are used in minigames.
If you do have any ideas for Collectables and/or Cosmetics, you can post these either on the forums under the suggestions-section or in our Discord.

Note: you can either unlock these by Identifying Treasures or buying them with in-game currency.


If you do end up finding any bugs, be sure to report them either on the forums under the bug-report section or in our Discord. If you report a bug, please provide us with the following:
• Describe what the bug you have found is
• Provide us with steps how to replicate this bug
• If you can, provide a screenshot and/or video from the bug (this is not mandatory)


~ Zeldaboy111 | Reforged Time Manager | Reforged Time Developer

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