Official Progress Announcement
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Ahoy Pirates,

As you might have seen on the new forums, we are currently working very hard for our 2.0 BETA release. We do understand that you want to play, so do we, but you have to be patient for a bit longer as we are working as hard as we can. But now we want to tell you about a few things that have already been released.


Store Update

The store has had a little bit of an update too! There are now images for the ranks as well as we have two categories of ranks, subscriptions (monthly) and lifetime ranks. If you want to take a look at our updated store, you can check if at



We are currently working at rewriting the plugins and making the systems as good as we can make them. This also involves fixing bugs. If you do find any, please report them to staff either via the forums or in the channel #✦bug-report . As you can see in the image, we have made a small change to the NPC and GUI looks. And not to forget, we have a brand new logo! As soon as we have any dates for a BETA or release, we will let you know! P.S. If you'd like to give us any feedback, you can do so here:


Patience is key, we are working very hard to create a unique and fun experience for every audience.

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