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Ahoy Pirates,

This post is not an announcement for Nations... It is an announcement for the release date of Nations thus Reforged Time 2.0!
You will be able to play whenever you want, whatever gamemode you like (which we have, of course 😉)!

Before we tell you more about Nations, let us tell all information you need for the Reforged Time 2.0 release.
Saturday 09/01/2021 the release will be. The the lobby/hub will be opened around 14.00 CET (2PM), we will be opening Nations around 14.15 CET (2.15PM). This means Space Wars will be playable from 14.00 CET.


We will now tell you everything you have to know about Nations! Nations is a survival gamemode where you can protect your base by making a Nation. You can trade with other players, go to war with them or just show off your building skills 😬. 
For the traders, we have gotten a custom economy system! More about this later. 

Note: the End dimension is currently disabled.

You cannot just create a Nation, we expect some work of yours before we allow you to make one. We have set the following cost at making a Nation: 
• You will have to pay 500 coins,
• You will have to pay 25 levels (of experience).

These prices may change in the future if we see it is to expensive or to low of a price. If you do create a Nation, we give you 3 free slots and 3 free claims.
To get more slots/claims for your Nation, you can use the purchases NPC! Here you can buy claims and slots at a not-set price as it is dependent on your current Nation's size (more about this later).

Note: you do not have to have a Nation to play the gamemode, a Nation is just a way to unite with other people and keep your stuff save. 


If you want to see a full list with all the commands (you can use), you can use the in-game command "/nations help" for this list. Below we will tell you about the most important ones -in our opinion.
• /nation create • Create your Nation, replace "" with your Nation's name.
• /nation settings • See/Edit your Nation's settings.

• /nation claim | unclaim • Claim/Unclaim the current chunk you are standing on.
• /nation spawn | setspawn • Go to or set your Nation's spawn.

• /nation invite • Invite a player to join your Nation.
• /nation join • Join a Nation.
• /nation accept | deny • Accept/Deny the join request from the given Nation.

• /economy • See the last inflation/deflation the economy has had.


Economy System
We will not tell you all the formulas from the shops, we will help you to get a grip on the economy 🤑.
Firstly, you should know there's something called "inflation" and "deflation", this is when the amount you can buy with your money decreases or increases. It will be calculated daily.

To aquire coins, you simply sell your items to the store, or trade them with players for coins. The other player can give you your coins by using "/pay ".

Adding this element into an economy brings it to life! You have to think whether you do or do not use your coins.
We are looking into other fun ways to make the economy more interesting, if you do have any ideas, please let us know.

Note: all prices (which includes the starting balance you get) are based off this inflation/deflation number.


Donator Features
Adding features for donators can be tricky as we do not want these players to have a big advantage over other players, but we have come up with two ideas (which are currently implemented):
• /purchase • Duke(+) • Opens the Nation purchases from where you stand.
• /shop • Duke(+) • Opens the shop from where you currently stand.

Dev's. Note
Currently I (Zeldaboy111) am very busy with private stuff, which means I do not have a lot of time to work on Reforged Time's plugin development. This means it can take a little while untill a bug has been resolved I'd like to ask you to respect my choise to take some more private time (as I need it for school and other stuff 😀). As well as resolving bugs can take some more time as well as creating updates.


If you do end up finding any bugs, do report them either on the forums under the bug report section, or in our Discord. If you report a bug, please provide us with the following:
• Describe what the bug you have found is.
• Provide us with steps on how to replicate the bug.
• If you can, provide is with a video or screenshot, it will help us out a lot. If you cannot, you can just report your bug without this point.

We all hope you are having a great time playing on Reforged Time!
- Staff

~ Zeldaboy111 | Reforged Time Manager

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