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    Denied Idea for Survival - /c home alias

    Add /chome or /ch as an alias for /c home. Just a teeny tiny bit easier to type and just a small bit more convenient :)
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    In Progress Idea for Survival - Other vote rewards

    Instead of getting 250 coins by voting, you get a Vote Key. You can use the vote key to open a vote crate or something along the lines of that. Possible rewards can be: 100-300 coins (range is to be experimented with of course) basic armor and tools (stone/iron gear) There has to be more...
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    In Progress Idea for Survival - Allies

    Be able to ally with other countries and set an 'ally level'. The other country will be able to set homes, interact with blocks and edit the terrain depending on the ally level they are. There could also be an allychat, where every member of allied countries can chat without other people...
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    In Progress Idea for Survival - Scoreboard Toggle Command

    Add a command that you can toggle the scoreboard with. Something like /toggle or /scoreboard