Survival BETA 1.3

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Survival Beta 1.3
Hello everyone!
We have been busy with making a new update! Before the next updates comes out we want to point out that the AntiCheat will get some work on it first.

Bugs And Suggestions
If you have any suggestions you can report it here or if you have any bugs, please report them here.

Below are all changes features in this update. Note, the claim show command will get a remake even as it is listed below, it is not completely working.
• [FEATURE] /country settings command has been added
• [FEATURE] /claim settings command has been added
• [FEATURE] Custom Wither
• [FEATURE] Staff Commands have been added

• [FEATURE] Price and Balance have been switched in the Shop
• [FEATURE] CombatLog System has been changed

• [BUGFIX] Friendly Fire is working correctly now
• [BUGFIX] Personal...

Survival (Beta) - Released

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Ahoy there Pirates!
Yesterday at 16.30 we released Survival, in this post we will address everything you need to know about our survival server. To begin, lets start with the basics.
Reforged Time Survival is not a normal survival there are a lot of things to discuss. When you join the server you can either join a country from another player. Or form your own country with /country create (country).
Every country starts with 2 claims. Every extra player is +1 claim. It will also be possible to purchase claims in the next update with the coins you gather by playing Minigames, playing Survival, voting or opening cases.

What can I do with a country?
A country will make sure that everything you build will stay safe and will prevent other teams from killing you whilst you survival. In the near future we plan to bring out some sort of raiding system that will reset everything the other team destroyed or placed during the raid. All chest will become raidable and we urge you to protect them since loot in chests won't reset after the raid.

Castle Kings (Beta 1.0)

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Castle Kings (Beta 1.0)
Castle Kings is the newest gamemode in the selection of Reforged Times' gamemodes!

Castle Kings is a gamemode you play in teams. You fight as a team against the enemy team(s). Each team has one king, the king has no really special perks beside having a golden helmet instead of a diamond helmet, but the king has more HP than others. When you kill the king, you will receive a small regeneration boost. The king is randomly chosen! In the lobby from Castle Kings, you can select a kit. We will add more kits over time. By chatting with a '!' as first character, you can chat in global chat.

The last team winning will earn victory!

New Gamemode - Zingdom

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Hi there!

There has a new gamemode been released, Zingdom. In this post I will post the changelog and we will explain the gamemode a little bit.

Zingdom Concept
The concept of Zingdom is very simple. Zingdom is a medieval gamemode. We think that we do not have to explain the gamemode's rules a lot further because they are standard (no griefing, no hacking, etc.)
We are also using a custom texturepack, make sure to install it for you or install it from this link:

Redstone Rules
As told above, Zingdom is a medieval gamemode, this means that there is no redstone allowed. Of course may you put a button/pressure plate to open your iron or wooden door, but we do not want other redstone.
If you have any further questions about it, please leave them to us.

This are all the changes made to Zingdom 3.0:

- [BUGFIX] /zingdom kick gave an error -> patched
- [BUGFIX] Enchantments not in lore -> patched
- [BUGFIX] Mending enchantment -> WIP (Work In Progress)

Space Wars 3.0

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Hello everyone!

As you know Space Wars had been offline for a couple of days. In this days we have made some changes to the game, they will be listed all below.
Space Wars is going through more updates from now on to make the game more fun to play. One of the first things we will change is that the potions will get an other system, so you can let us know in an other post which you liked the most.

The changes we have made in the last couple days:
  • [TASK] Optimized code (game should be smoother now)
  • [FEATURE] Timer has been changed from 30 minutes to 45 minutes
  • [FEATURE] Price of Rocket Thruster has been changed from 1 emerald to 5 gold ingots
  • [FEATURE] Buying protection will wait a certain time per armour piece
  • [FEATURE] Extra sounds added and removed
  • [FEATURE] Other color palette
  • [FEATURE] Other start message
  • [FEATURE] All potions have an other duration and name
  • [FEATURE] Game Manager is available for YouTube(+)
  • [FEATURE] Price of chain armour has been changed from 15 to 10...

Online Leaderboard Released (1.1)

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Hello everyone!

As some of you know, development was halted for about a month. But we are back! And today I would like to present our new statistics page to you!
Are you going to be the top player in the leaderboards? Or are you going for those kills. It is now possible to compete against other players.

- Filter Options (Kills, Cores Destroyed, Wins).
- Find yourself in the leaderboards.

Update 1.1
- No more hacker check, moving you directly to the leaderboards.

Try it for yourself at!

Kind Regards,

Owner Scythe12489

Space Wars 2.0

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Hello everyone!

As some of you know, Spacewars had been offline for 2 weeks. We have been planning for the future. To make ourself future proof we decided that Space Wars was in need of an update. We hope you enjoy the new update!

The changes we have made in the last couple of days:
  • Maps are now fully 1.9+ compatible.
  • PvP has been modified for the best 1.8 PvP experience.
  • Respawn timer bug has been resolved.
  • Tools and Weapons are now upgradeable and downgrade able.
  • You now receive the diamonds if the victim has them.
  • Potions give potions instead of water bottles.
  • Chests have been replaced with Enderchests.
  • New map added: Winter.
  • General code optimization.
  • (EXPERIMENTAL) Deathmatch added
  • (BUG) Purchasing wool for team aqua has been resolved.
  • Win Effect (WIP)
We are all extremely excited to play Space Wars again, and can't wait to see you enjoy it too! Feel free to leave feedback, thoughts, and suggestions in the comments below. Have a great day! If you find any bugs please report them on the forums.

Kind Regards,

Owner Scythe12489
Developer Zeldaboy11

Arcade Release (v1.0)

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Hello everyone!

Today we have some exciting news to share! As of today, Arcade has returned to Reforged Time. Besides reintroducing Arcade to Reformed Time, we have also taken this opportunity to make some much improvements to it.

  • Maps are now fully 1.12 supported.
  • Added glowing effects for players in Spleef.
  • Old combat, PVP is now 1.8 even on lower clients.
  • You now receive Coins and Exp for participation.
  • Added a new game Gladiators to the existing games.
  • Added a new game Sumo to the existing games.
  • Fixed map rotation issues.
  • Spectators are no longer able to despawn blocks in Dash.
What is Gladiators?
Gladiator is a fight to the death, the last player standing is the victor.

What is Sumo?
You get a knockback stick, the last player that has not been taken by the void wins!

We are all extremely excited to play Arcade again, and can't wait to see you enjoy it too! Feel free to leave feedback, thoughts, and suggestions in the comments below. Have a great day!

Previous updates

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Hello everyone!

This is an update about all of our previous content that has been brought to the network, we are making a switch to the forums and are discontinuing #bug-reports and #report-player on discord and we plan to move it to this forum. The previous updates will be listed from latest to oldest.

Map Update
We have removed all maps and started fresh with one map that will eventually grow to multiple maps!

New Features
- Emerald Bow bug fixed
- Win Fireworks effect (WIP)
- New map Pirate
- Fixed Spaceshard Bug
- More efficient code
- Added the map aquarium

Vote Update
We have received many complains about no players being online. To fix this issue we have signed ourselves up to multiple voting sites! When you vote you receive 250 coins per vote and we receive a higher place in the ranking, so more player will join the server

How does it work?
1. Join the lobby server (
2. Use the following command: /vote
3. Select the vote site you would like to vote on
4. Follow the instructions...

XenPorta > Discord