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Zeldaboy111 Zeldaboy111about 1 month ago
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Ahoy Pirates,

Lately we have been very busy with recoding the server and updating a lot of other things, you can read more about it here. Below will be things related to the updates on the Reforged Time server.

Open Bèta
We are announcing a second open bèta in this post! The open bèta will last from wednesday (21/10/2020, 14.00 CEST) till saturday (24/10/2020 20.00 CEST). You are able to play the Space Wars gamemode as well ...

scythe12489 scythe12489about 1 month ago
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Ahoy Pirates,

As you might have seen on the new forums, we are currently working very hard for our 2.0 BETA release. We do understand that you want to play, so do we, but you have to be patient for a bit longer as we are working as hard as we can. But now we want to tell you about a few things that have already been released.


Store Update

The store has had a little bit of an update too! There are now images for the ranks as well as we have two categories of ranks, subscriptions (monthly) and lifetime ranks. If you want to take a look at our updated store, you can check if at



We are curre...

Website Update
scythe12489 scythe12489about 1 month ago
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Ahoy Pirates,

Welcome to the Reforged Time Forums.
We have now moved from Xenforo to Nameless so we can be ready for the future.

What is new on the forums?

- Style
- Minecraft Intregration
- Group Based Permissions
- Updated Forms

We hope to see you soon at our 2.0 release.


Manager Reforged Time