Interview theo's Helper Application


Owner / Host
Staff member
User name: theo

Name Theo

Username The0sk

Email Address [email protected]

Age Jan 1, 1970

Discord Tag The0sk#3396

Timezone GMT +2

Do you have a Microphone? Yes

What languages can you speak? English (lower) and greek

What has made you interested in becoming a staff member? I would like to help a lot on the server because I liked the games the desing of the server also I fell bad of losing my server so I will do anything to not happen that to this server

What previous experience do you have as a staff member? I know the basic command and I help with my great imagination

How much time would you be able to contribute to the Helper position? I can play a lot as helper like I can play 5hours and more

Describe the duties of a Helper as thoroughly as possible The dutie of a helper is to help other players and banish people that are not follow the rules of the server,we have to report to the owner about a ban or what server bug I see also in my opinion everyone deserves 2

Explain why you deserve to hold a Helper position I would like to hold this position because I like helping others in real life and of course on video games

Anything else that you would like to add?